Currently based out of Massachusetts, the vocal cord conductor known as Honeycomb has quickly risen to the top of the food chain of northeast beatboxers, placing 13th in the 2015 American Beatbox Championships. With a unique approach as an equally versed music producer, and a frequent collaborator in both the live and studio settings, Honeycomb has built a sound fan base for himself through original productions and ear popping performances.
In the studio, Honeycomb has collaborated with Liquid Stranger, Moon Hooch and Space Jesus; as well as frequent partner in crime, Tonio Sagan. Aside from swaying audiences with his own material, Honeycomb has further embedded himself in the rapidly growing festival cuture by joining a diverse array of artists, from bass DJs, to funk and jam bands, to rappers-on stage, bringing their sets to new heights      




        He also has a love for film and photography, in which he created his brain-child Cluster Concepts. Cluster Concepts is a creative collaborative media group with a cluster of artists of numerous talents and services to cover the areas of film, photography, music, and entertainment. One of the major events was the first ever beatbox battle in collaboration with Beatbox Television at Youtube Studios entiled the "Battle of the 5th Element" the videos may be viewed HERE. Also he is responsible for filming and editing the videos for New England Beatbox YouTube channel. New England Beatbox is dedicated to providing high-quality beatboxing videos from fellow New Englanders as well as all over the world! You can view the latest videos from "New England Beatbox" tab above or click HERE to view the YouTube channel!

Photographer: ATS Photography

Musician: Gable "Honeycomb" Johnson III

Festival: Rock n Roll Resort v5: Electric Avenue


Tipper, RUN DMT, Twiddle, Papadosio, Squnto, Brightside, The Fungineers, AFK, SPL, Political Animals, Break Science , Afroman, Outerstylie, Rhythm Inc, Wobblesauce, Dub Fx, ill-ēsha, Branx, EXMAG, Block McCloud, DJ LOXY, Steve Porter,  Subset, Getter, Dali, Consider the Source, Elephant Wrecking Ball, Big chocolate, Rekoil, DANK, The Hornitz, The Floozies, Cherub, DJ CRAZE, Robotic Pirate Monkey, Moon Hooch, Cheatcode, The Problemaddicts, Orchard Lounge, BARE, Clozee, DJ CRAZE, Robotic Pirate Monkey, Brillz, Space Jesus, SADHU, Liquid Stranger, Archnemesis, Datsik, Manic Focus, Emancipator, Kicks n Licks, GZA, Kennedy Jones, Butch Clancy, Eliot Lipp, AK1200, Danny the Wildchild, Redshift, Spiritual Rez, The Alchemystics, Soulslinger, DJ DARA, J. Rabbit, Dodge n Fuski, Minnesota, Digital $torm, Danny Pease and the Regulators, Shantyman and the Speakeasies, Alpha Data, The Professors, NOSTALGIA, Fat Bradley, After Funk, Lucid, Lespecial, Schlang, Supersillyus, Esseks, Technicolor Lenses, Sophistafunk, Steve Porter and MORE!